Welcome to Dutchman's Pizza where parties are always excellent and we clean up the mess.  We are party Specialist and when it comes to making sure your party is a big hit, we can take care of all your needs. Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Wedding Rehersal Dinners, Sports Banquets, or just getting the family together we can make it happen.

We courage you to decorate with some minor limitations.

  • Please do not staple, tack or tape anything to the walls.
  • Please do not sprinkle confetti on the tables or anywhere inside.
  • Please no outside food or drinks except Cake and Ice Cream.
  • ​Please do not bring in any kind of alcohol to consume.

1. Count how many people will be attending your event.

2. Decide on what date and time for your event.

- When we are busy we made need to keep your party to a 2 hour maximum. If not busy you can host your party for 2 to 3 hours.  Don't forget to ask.

3. Call us at 408-848-3322 and ask to make a reservation.  We will take it from there.  It's that simple !

To ensure you have a reserved place on your date and at your time we request a reservation fee equal to $1 per person in your party.  You will receive this reservation fee back when you place your order that day.

​We have many party packages to fit your budget

Party and Family Specials

  • ​FAMILY Pack  Feeds about 6 to 8 people

          1 Extra Large Pizza, 1 Garlic Cheese Bread, 1 small order of wings and .         1 pitcher of soda.  

         $4.00 discount     Starts at $37.44       $5.35 per person

  • PARTY Pack   Feeds about 15 people

          3 Large Pizzas, 3 Appetizers and 3 Pitchers of soda 

          $6.00 discount     Starts at $80.94      $5.40 per person

  • MEGA Pack    Feeds about 25 people

          6 Large Pizzas and 6 Pitchers of soda 

          $8.00 discount      Starts at $130.00   $5.20 per person

  • COMBO Pack Feeds about 50 people

          10 Large Pizzas, 10 Appetizers and 10 Pitchers of soda 

          $10.00 discount    Starts at $279.80    $5.58 per person

If you need to know "How much Pizza do I need?". We estimate 4 people per Large Pizza. Example; if you have a party of 25 you will need about 6 Large Pizzas.